Best Laptop For Adobe Suite

Best Laptop For Adobe Suite Reviews 2020

Who doesn’t like to have new gadgets with them. At one point or the other we all have the habit of  different new cool gadgets like everybody. For some people who are into photoshop will definitely need a special laptop that can store adobe suites in it. If you are looking for a cool gadget it’s fine. But if you need a particular one which can fit adobe suites you need to be cautious because it should have enough memory in it and also it should be of good quality.

 Most of us just go for the budget when it comes to buying laptops but quality is equally important. There are lots of options available in the market but it is upto us whether to buy them or not. Afterall buying a laptop is just not only a fancy thing but it is an investment for life . we have to browse for good options and then finalise with one that is of good quality and suitable for storing adobe suite. 

When you go through these options keep in mind the need of the hour, quality and suitability. Here  are some the laptops  that suitable for adobe suite 

  1. Macbook pro 16
  2. Dell XPS 15
  3. Microsoft surface book 2
  4. Razer blade 14
  5. Acer Aspire 5

If you are looking for the perfect laptop that is both cool and of good value and also for adobe suite, Macbook pro 16 is the one. It comes with intel core i-9 which comes under the ninth generation. It has a 16 inch retina display and 1 TB storage capacity. From one of the best computer giants Apple, macbook pro 16 is perfect choice for people who are into designing.  Cost of the product is $ 2,599. Pros and cons are

  • Better hardware
  • Comes with an apple magic keyboard.
  • Not suitable for mobiles.
  • It has limited ports and upgradability is poor.

Another brand of laptop you can go for is Dell XPS 15. After macbook the next best option is Dell XPS 15. The laptop has 16 GB RAM and 512 GB SSD. It is 100% adobe RGB 500 nits display. An i7 intel core processor, you can open and work on multiple tabs at a time. Dell XPS is the optimum choice for designing students and professionals. It costs around $ 1899. Pros and cons of Dell XPS 15 are:

  • Long lasting battery life
  • It has more power and better graphics
  • Some people want more

Microsoft surface book 2 is yet another option for having adobe suite. It features an 8 generation intel quad core i7. It comes with 512 GB of storage and 16 GB RAM. also has enhanced graphics performance with NVIDIA Ge force GTX 1060 discrete. It has a vibrant pixel sense display. There are four USB ports in addition to all these features. Cost of the product is $ 1998. The pros and cons are:

  • It is versatile and light
  • Responsive touch screen
  • Lasting battery life
  • Big screen wobbles when moved.
  • USB C without thunderbolt.

Another brand of laptop suitable for adobe suite is Razer Blade 14. Even though it’s a gaming computer it comes with 7th Gen quad core intel- i7 processor. It has 512 GB SSD and 16 GB memory. Also has NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 VR graphics. Full spectrum and customizable keyboard by razer chroma, Razer blade 14 is ultra thin and durable. Cost of the product is $ 1899.99.  Pros and cons are as follows:

  • Improved performance compared to others
  • Vibrant and dazzling display.
  • Below average battery
  • Viewing angles could be better.

Acer Aspire 5 is another laptop which is for adobe suite. It comes with 8th generation intel i-5 core. It has upto 8GB memory DDR4 and 128 GB PCle NVMe SSD. It has intel UHD graphics 620. 15 inch full display, Acer aspire has two 3.1 type  gen USB ports. And also you can connect with wi-fi to do your browsing and work. It costs around $ 799. Pros and cons are:

  • Is suitable for adobe suite
  • 8th generation, i-5 core
  • Not suitable for more powerful softwares
  • Short battery life.


On the whole when we have to choose for the best laptop i would definitely go with the macbook pro 16. Not biased with the apple computers but it can definitely be perfect for using adobe suite. Because it has a huge storage space of 1 TB which is sufficient for installing the adobe suite. 

Hence choose the best product and give yourself the best treat. Because everybody deserves the best and those are into designing the best quality laptop are what you need and don’t get hesistant for the same.

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